Denver Public Art 1%

The installation is comprised of eleven suspended sculptures arranged in a spiral, the shapes of which were determined by tracing the Rocky Mountains’ dramatic profile. The spiral — or vortex, from which the work’s name is derived — is one of nature’s most common forms, found in elements as small as snail shells or as large as galaxies. 

John Ackerman DIA—Deputy Manager of Aviation, Commercial (community representative)
Danielle Reidder Southwest Airlines—Station Manager, Denver (community representative)
Kevin Sullivan, Wong Strauch Architects—Director of Design (community representative)
Georgina Kobler (arts professional)
Maria Elena Buszek (arts professional)
David Dadone (pac member)
Chandler Romeo (commissioner)
Mel Ristau (semi-finalist)
Daniel Canogar (semi-finalist)
Michael Szivos /Softlab (semi-finalist)
Anibal Catalan (semi-finalist)
Mayor Michael Hancock (mayor)
Anibal Catalan (artist)
Demiurge, LLC (was created by)
Yetiweurks (was created by)