El Viaje / The Journey
El Viaje / The Journey
El Viaje / The Journey
El Viaje / The Journey
El Viaje / The Journey

El Viaje / The Journey

Denver Public Art 1%

From the artist:
This mural composition is titled “El Viaje” or “ The Journey.” It’s a story about life. In this composition, I focus on expressing the Mexican peoples’ journey from creation to the present and into the future. To tell this story, I have used certain instances, elements and symbols that reflect history, tradition and social movements. Elements found in this mural should not be taken literally but more as metaphors. An example of this is the use of skeletons for death. I use death as a metaphor to engage the viewer to think about life. My overall goal is to tell a story that portrays a feeling of movement, spirituality, curiosity, character, strength, struggle, beauty, growth and positive energy.

Diane Medina (was created by)
Amanda Sandoval (city council representative)
Judy Montero (was created by)
Greg Kaiser (was created by)
David Marquardt (was created by)
Maruca Salazar (was created by)
Chrissy Deal (was created by)
Elissa Auther (pac member)
Charmain Schuh (was created by)
Rudy Gonzales (was created by)
Nita Gonzales (was created by)
Lisa Eldred (was created by)
Mayor Michael Hancock (mayor)
Mary Valdez (was created by)
Carlos Frésquez (semi-finalist)
Arlette Lucero (semi-finalist)
David Ocelotl Garcia (was created by)
David Ocelotl Garcia (was created by)
Jon X Giltner & Associates (engineer)