Thought Balloons
Thought Balloons

Thought Balloons

Denver Public Art 1%

Thought Balloons is an interactive artwork that playfully inserts software generated text based dialog over seated people's heads. 
As people sit on the black bench, thought balloons, like those found in a comic book format, magically appear above their heads. At other times when two or more people sit on the bench a dialog starts up between them.

The texts for each balloon or dialog bubble are kept fresh and lively with the help of the local community. Not only were Stapleton residents of all ages invited to gather and playfully construct humorous conversations and informative repartee, community members are welcome to continually contribute to the dialog by submitting to

In a new town like Stapleton Thought Balloons acts as a catalyst to bring people together. Not only by starting conversations in front of the piece but also by creating opportunities for members of the community to contribute language to the piece itself.

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