Denver Public Art 1%


Central to the artist’s vision for ‘ENGI’ was the direct involvement of the people of Denver, making it a truly public piece of art. 

The workshop to create ‘ENGI’ took place on August 9, 2006.  At the workshop, 80 diverse members of the community each were given a simple digital LED numeric device, set within a mirror, to adjust for the artist.  The LEDs, blue or white, count from 1 to 9 or 9 to 1.  Each participant set the rate at which their device counts. 

The workshop gave life to Miyajima’s ‘ENGI’.  After the workshop, the 80 LEDs, as set by the people of Denver, were installed throughout the museum atrium and began counting. 

The work figuratively displays a microcosm of our city and our residents.  It is a remarkable addition to Denver’s already impressive public art collection. 

All residents of metro Denver were invited to apply to participate in ‘ENGI’, with the intention to reflect the diverse backgrounds, ideas and individuals that make up the community.